The Fall to Power

BOOK TWO of the Graeme Stone Saga.

Centuries have passed since Stone found himself hurled to this other world. He had found love. But then he had found only death.

Only despair.

Now, hundreds of years later, our hero is anything but. He calls himself Invictus; an immortal tyrant of nigh-limitless power. With the seductive Seeress at his side and the mighty General Bavard, snarling Huntmaster Kurnos and lethal assassin Memphias there to carry out his orders, every pleasure is his for the taking.

And no-one can stop him. For has he not earned this? Has he not suffered enough trial and misfortune to be entitled to a life of luxury and decadence?

Some would say not. Some would look at the bigger picture.

Stirrings in the north; a humble woodsman calling the common people to his cause. A troupe of mystical shamans, practising the long-outlawed art of spirit-craft.

Change is in the air.

But with Stone – or should that be, Invictus – enjoying the backing of his dark sponsors Beyond the Veil, he has nothing to worry about, right?


Find out in The Fall to Power: Book TWO of the Graeme Stone Saga.

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