Tales of Transition

In the near future, New Great Britain prospers under its benevolent leader, Stone, immortal champion of the elements.

Isolated from the rest of the world, they focus on rebuilding their country into something more; a haven for nature, with sprawling forests, towering Spire cities and clean, limitless energy. Stone hopes to build them into a paragon state, that the rest of the Earth might one day join them.

And join them they must, for Invasion is coming. And the demonic hordes from Beyond the Veil will require all of mankind’s combined might to defeat.

But some mad souls would rather hasten that invasion. The clandestine Brotherhood of the Veil seek to cause terror and discord, all in an effort to shatter the Earth’s fragile peace, to turn the world against Stone and render mankind woefully unprepared for the Invasion to come.

Only Stone’s champions can fight them and make sure that Stone’s vision can come to pass.

The Tales of Transition features three novellas set in the world of the Graeme Stone Saga:


The Tulador Guard, warriors empowered by arcane technology, catch wind of a plot in the middle-east. Holidaymakers are being captured, transported to a locked-down fortress city where they’re never heard from again. Only Lord Arbistrath and his brave nights, together with the aid of Arris, a shaman with the powers of the elements at his beck and call, can halt their plot… and the subsequent death of millions that might result.


A tiny ball of dust floating in the Lesser Magellanic Cloud, light years away from Earth. A land of slaves and slavers, where the elements have all but left and foul demons and their mortal servants stalk the land. Pan, a youngblood of the once-proud and numerous Plains People, ventures forth on his Final Blooding; his rite of ascension where he becomes a man. But soon he’s embroiled in a plot that reaches far beyond his village, beyond even his world. Fighting against the minions of Those Beyond the Veil, Pan and his friends fight their way to the Portal, hoping beyond hope that they can use it to send a message to Earth. For Stone promised to return… and rescue them from their Dying Land.


Plots are afoot across the world. Operatives of the Brotherhood making plans in every nation to cause terror, to sow discord and mistrust. And it will take a subtle blade to cut out the tumor without disturbing Earth’s fragile peace. Enter Elerik the Farmer, Narlen the Plainsman and Naresh the Servant; the Woodsman’s Three, elite amongst all Stone’s Outworlders. Ordinary men, no magic, no quasi-mystic armour. And yet at once, so much more. Freed from doubt, from pain, with strength and speed beyond compare, they journey to other nations to root out the evil at its heart. But what they find will push each of them to even their own lofty limits.