Bloodless Revolution


There’s a mood hanging over Britain; a tension in the air, as though a long-awaited storm is about to break. The threat of terrorism is grim and real, but selfless vigilantes patrol the streets, spreading hope where there was only despair before vanishing into the shadows, waiting not for thanks or praise.

Nikki Taylor, reporter for the London Herald, stumbles by chance upon a secret so vast, so earth-shattering, that when it’s revealed, nothing will ever be the same again.

Stone, Gwenna, the Woodsman and more; our heroes now biding their time, waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves to the world.

But will that moment ever come? And if it does, will it be of their choosing, or will their hand be forced?

Will Stone dare flex his true power, for fear of his past misdeeds as the tyrant Invictus? And will a modern world accept this crazy talk of spirits, dragons and an impending invasion by demonic hordes? Or will they simply shun Stone and his allies as madmen…?

Join our heroes in their quest to ready the Earth for the wars to come.

First Britain… then the world.

Welcome to Graeme Stone’s Bloodless Revolution.


Which can be downloaded HERE!