The Knacker

“Ice-cold fear flooded Kyle’s stomach as the four of them froze. Slowly, ever so slowly, they turned.
There, behind them, so close, so very close in the confines of the tunnel, the creature hissed, the sound that of shifting sands and cracking stone as it rose to its full, terrible height; the length of its monstrous, gangly limbs barely fitting in the claustrophobic space.
This. This was the Knacker. There would be no discussion. There would be no rapport. There was only hunger. There was only inhuman malice and cold, merciless death. For they knew now what tribute it demanded…”

The Knacker is Gareth K Pengelly’s first horror and is the first book in the Cornish Guardians series, a companion series to The Graeme Stone Saga, set in the same universe of elemental spirits.

The first book in the series introduces the main characters, in their battle to survive against an ancient spirit roused from its slumber in a long-abandoned Cornish tin mine…

Being an absolute fanatic where anything to do with cornwall is concerned, and having a childishly excitable interest in anything supernatural, I almost wet my pants when I stumbled across this book.
It is well written, has some very original ideas concerning plot, and manages to conjure up intense feelings of fear and dread when describing and setting up the dramatic events of the story.
I would definitely recommend the book as well as the author to anyone whom asks

  • Mr R Edkins,

I’m kicking myself (ouch!) for not getting around to reading this sooner!A great horror novel with a great storyline, memorable characters and regular helpings of gore and bloodshed. Top marks for this one

  • MissScarlet,

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