Been a busy couple of months at Stalag Pengelly (err, my study) with the release of not just one, but two new books.

BLOODLESS REVOLUTION – the fifth book in the Graeme Stone Saga sees our heroes struggling to make a difference in the modern world of 21st century Great Britain. As the dark forces of Those Beyond the Veil gather in wait to storm the Earth, Stone knows that he needs to unite all of mankind behind him. But with him not being willing to shed innocent blood, how will he get us to listen?


REDCAP – the second book in the Cornish Guardians series, finds our young hero Kyle and the girls, Alice, Gem and Lou, at loggerheads with the Redcap, an ancient beast of Cornwall’s past, intent on death and bloodshed. But before they can even make a start on tackling this new threat, a mysterious stranger appears, one that fans of the Graeme Stone Saga might already be familiar with… Join Kyle on a journey of self-discovery and the girls on a fantastic Journey of a lifetime!


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