I’m gonna start Reviewing! Books, that is. Not, like, restaurants, n stuff. Books. Yeah!

God, reviews are just… they’re just great. Every author gets giddy when they get a new review on their book. Not only does it give one a warm, fuzzy feeling to see that other people actually ENJOYED something that you wrote, but it’s also excellent marketing material – social proof that other people read your books, which is sometimes just the little push a potential new reader will need to take a chance on your book. Even bad reviews, where someone really rips your book to shreds can at the very least get people’s attention.

And for Indie authors, who usually lack the bulging wallets and marketing punch of large publishing houses, all attention is good attention.

And so, I’m gonna start writing some book reviews on my site.

I, like many people, download free books. I get Freebooksy, Bookbub, ENT emails in my inbox every day, telling me what juicy new books I can snag for free that day. Most often, these books are from Indie authors, as offering a book for free is one of the more successful marketing strategies an Indie can employ. People like free. They’re willing to take a chance on it.

Most of the time, these free books are the first in a series. The idea is to offer the first book free as a ‘try before you buy’ type of deal. I use it too. The first Brian Helsing is free. You probably already knew that.

And so… I’m going to start reviewing free, first-in-series Indie books. I’m going to let you know my thoughts (which you are free to disregard – most people do) on whether these series are fun and worth getting in to.

I shall be adding a whole, shiny new reviews section to the website, for your perusal. I shall be trying to read a book a week. And, if you’re an author who would like a review on a site that gets, ooh, a good two or three visitors a year, or if you’re a reader who has stumbled upon a new Indie series you absolutely love, please contact me, either by commenting on this post or sending me an email.

And so, let’s get started…

First book – Locked Tight (Mindjack: Zeph Book 1) by Susan Kaye Quinn.