Mission #9: Devil Down Under

The problem with apocalypses, is you wait ten thousand years for one, then two come along at once…

When a satanic cultist infiltrates the Sanctum, restoring one of the Order’s ancient enemies to life, Brian is called in to save the day. Again. The problem is, he’s pretty damned hungover. Again.


But with the demon Hell-bent (aha!) on summoning the rest of his infernal compadres to Earth, and the cultist having stolen one of the Artefacts necessary for halting Cthulu’s awakening, Brian has no choice but to traipse halfway around the planet to sunny Down Under.

But how do you kill a huge, immortal demon, when it’s camped out miles away from the nearest Ley Lines?

Easy: take one super-fandago magic sword (with vague properties including but not exclusively slicing things to itty bitty bits), one overweight vampire who can’t fly, an Aboriginal Medicine Man with a farm of Definitely Only Sheep, and add one well-thought-out plan.

Ah. Knew we forgot something.

Join Brian as he beats up Bogans (whatever they are), takes a Walkabout through the Dreamtime (whatever that is) and stops by the Servo to buy some Tinnies whilst he watches the Rugger that Arvo… Really, Aussies? In what way, shape or form is that English?

All this and more awaits you in Mission #9: The Rehearsal For Mission Ten.