Mission #4: Land of the Rising Damp


Several months have passed since a cruel twist of fate landed Brian with the mantle of Helsing; the Hunter of all Things That Go Bump In The Night. His reputation as a buffoon – albeit, a strangely effective one – has spread far and wide. Therefore it comes as no surprise when the Japanese Oni-Hunters call for his aid.

Well, it does to Brian, but then, most things do.

A Kappa, an invulnerable, bowl-headed, turtle-demon has been causing havoc in Tokyo. With its immense strength, razor claws and off-puttingly green skin, only an idiot would dare stand between the creature and its would-be victims.

You see where we’re going with this.

Leaving his girlfriend, Scylla, in the worryingly enthusiastic care of Gertie, Brian journeys to that far-flung land of Eastern Mystery, looking forward to ninjas, manga stores, and possibly even some pretty girls in skimpy cosplay outfits. Well, all of that he finds, and more, but before long Brian finds that sometimes even the many and varied powers of a Helsing aren’t enough to win the day. Sometimes it takes brains, courage, and a bit of thinking on your feet.

Oh dear.

Join Brian as he navigates gangsters, food stalls, airport security, love, life AND death in his latest mission: The One With The Weird Turtle Thing In It.

++ Warning, this book contains scenes of partial nudity, graphic violence, copious swearing, overblown tropes and complete idiocy. And those are the INOFFENSIVE bits… ++