Mission #2: Surf’s Up

Brian Helsing, the world’s most unlikely vampire hunter, finds himself thrust once more into the strange and terrifying world of things that go bump in the night.

This time, the insane surfers who dare brave the wintry Cornish seas find themselves beset by Water Nymphs; sleek, lethal and ridiculously sexy predators of the ocean, who hanker for man-flesh and not in a good way.

Armed with new skills, Brian must bumble his way through another mission for which he is hilariously ill-prepared if he is to stop their feeding frenzy before it even begins. Before long, he finds himself questioning the wisdom of his eccentric masters. And wondering whether the line between wrong and right is truly blurred… or whether it’s just the five pints of Doom Bar he’s already had to drink.

++Warning; this book contains scenes of intense stupidity and strong language right from the off. If you’re at all of a delicate disposition, the Brian is probably not the right hero for you. With that in mind, buy this book anyway.++


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