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The Graeme Stone Saga is a dark and brutal fantasy series by the author Gareth K Pengelly.

The eponymous hero, Graeme Stone, a mortal from modern day Britain, finds himself hurled from our world to land on a strange new planet of barbarian slavers and elemental magic. There, with no memory of his former life, he forms new friendships and fights deadly enemies as he gets caught up in the nefarious plans of dark gods older than time itself.


The Graeme Stone Saga is fast-of-pace and grand in scale. If you don’t like your magic pyrotechnic, your demons gribbly and your violence graphic, then turn back now, because this series isn’t for you.

If, however, you want bone-jarring action, grim heroes, epic scale and a sprinkling of humour, then click The Descent to Madness to start the journey. Book one is PERMAFREE, so download it for free and enjoy!

Thanks for visiting. And welcome again to The Graeme Stone Saga.

  • carol

    Well my life is very nearly back on track again after finishing latest Bloodless rev. I can honestly say never have I been so entranced by a book/s. Read them all in a shockingly short space of time.
    Just informed my long suffering hubby that I about to start on The Knacker to which he replied “just the one dear?” I wanted to say thank you for a totally thrilling and unique set of books, I can’t wait to read The Academy.
    I really admire you for bolstering the cardigan sales in the UK and we are partial to a drop or two of ale ourselves ( where I live in Stroud Gloucestershire we are spoilt for choice for purveyors of fine beverages Stroud Brewery and Uley Brewery to name well two.
    Thank you very much again
    Best Regards

    Carol Sumner
    Ps I can recommend a half decent hairdresser should you decide the pale pink bob

    • carol

      needs to perhaps move on 🙂

      • Gaz

        Hi Carol. Very glad to hear you’re enjoying the Graeme Stone Saga thus far! Almost as much as I enjoy writing them, it seems; though I hazard I guess that they’re quicker to read than they are to write… As for the hair, well, I’m glad to say that in my pic I’m wearing a HE-MAN wig for halloween. In real life I don’t boast quite as much hair I’m afraid! All the best Carol! Gaz