• The Descent to Madness

    The Descent to Madness

    BOOK One of the Graeme Stone Saga! Our eponymous hero is cast from modern Britain to land in a strange world of ancient magic and barbarian slavers with no memory of his previous life. Follow his adventures!


  • The Fall To Power

    The Fall To Power

    BOOK TWO of The Graeme Stone Saga! Centuries have passed and Stone is now Invictus, a tyrant Godking with limitless power. But all is not as it seems…

  • From the Ashes

    From the Ashes

    BOOK Three of The Graeme Stone Saga. Betrayed by his former Council, Stone finds himself allied with the very rebels he once sought to destroy! Can they stop Those Beyond the Veil from unleashing their demonic hordes upon the Earth?

  • Stone Rising

    Stone Rising

    Picking up where From the Ashes left off. Stone Rising follows the adventures of Stone’s allies after the final, cataclysmic ending of the Fall to Power trilogy. Will they survive long enough for Stone to fulfil his final promise to them? Find out in Stone Rising…

  • Bloodless Revolution

    Bloodless Revolution

    The fifth book in the Graeme Stone Saga. Stone and his allies are now in modern Britain. But can they convince us to join them against Those Beyond the Veil before it’s too late…?

  • The Knacker

    The Knacker

    The first in the Cornish Guardians series. The Knacker sees our characters fighting for survival against the hungry predations of an ancient spirit, roused from its slumber in the depths of a Cornish tin mine…

  • Redcap


    The second book in the Cornish Guardians Series. A new threat arises for Kyle and the girls to defeat, but before they can, a mysterious stranger with magical powers arrives to throw things into disarray…

This is no fairytale, Woodsman. There are no happy endings here…

–The Fall To Power

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Been a busy couple of months at Stalag Pengelly (err, my study) with the release of not just one, but two new books. BLOODLESS REVOLUTION – the fifth book in the Graeme Stone Saga sees our heroes struggling to make a difference in the modern world of 21st century Great Britain. As the dark forces